10 Athletes Who Deserve Biopics, According To Reddit

The success of shows like this year’s Winning Time has shown that the world of sports is one of the most fascinating sources of interesting stories for film and TV – without always having to rely on an underdog story. Athletes often lead amazing lives, and their unique stories have been splashed across the screen in a bevy of great biopics.,Though there have been plenty of hit biopics so far, users on Reddit took to the site to explain who they thought deserved one the most. Hailing from all corners of the sports world, many athlete’s life stories are practically begging to be adapted in film form.,While sports is often meant as an escape from the dark realities of life, sometimes evil prejudices can nevertheless spoil the fun of competition. User JimFHawthorne mentioned one such sports story when they wrote “Jim Thorpe. Probably the greatest athlete of his generation and faced endless discrimination for being Native American”.,RELATED: The 10 Best Olympics Movies Ever, Ranked By IMDb,Thorpe competed in the Olympics around the turn of the century, and was actually the first Indigenous person to win Olympic gold. Thorpe was nevertheless mistreated by society, and his athletic accomplishments were overshadowed by a wave of hate. In film form, Thorpe’s story is an opportunity to not only explore the dark history of the Olympics, but celebrate the accomplishments of an amazing competitor.,While sport is usually the focus of an athlete’s biopic, sometimes political intrigue can also enter into the story on rare occasions. When mentioning a biopic they would like to see, user GlibTurret commented “Slava Fetisov, the first Soviet hockey player to try to defect to the US to play in the NHL…It would be a combination sports movie and political thriller set in the ’80s”.,Though the topic was broached in a documentary, The Russian Five, a feature film would nevertheless be a gripping tale. Fetisov attempted to blaze a trail to the NHL for his fellow hockey players from the USSR, and in doing so he put himself in a dangerous position. Though the sports would take a backseat, hockey fans would nevertheless be enraptured by Fetisov’s life story.,The sport of baseball has resulted in many great films, and there always seems to be more to say about America’s pastime. User Alysiat28 mentioned a recent baseball story when they wrote “Yasiel Puig. The story of his escape from Cuba for the chance to play baseball in the United States is Hollywood gold”.,The biopic is a unique art form because it requires a hook to grab a viewer’s attention. While just simply playing in the MLB doesn’t warrant a film,  Puig’s story is entirely different. Finding almost instant success in the Majors, Puig risked his life and limb to secretly defect from his native Cuba in order to play professionally. If made into a film, Yasiel Puig’s life story could be used to raise awareness of the issues surrounding US/Cuban relations, as well as analyze the nature of the American Dream in general.,Sports biopics can often be a chance to shine a light on sports that exist outside the usual sphere of popular culture, and tennis has had its fair share of cinematic adaptations. User The_Real_Batman called for a tennis movie when they wrote “Roger Federer. An ode to the greatest tennis player of all time”.,Federer’s career is undoubtedly memorable, and his accomplishments are impressive in any athletic competition. However, the tennis great might not necessarily make for the best film when taken as a whole. If narrowed to a small point in time in his life, someone like Roger Federer would make a better subject for a film. A hook would certainly be needed to make his life story interesting and cinematic.,Every major sport has their icons, and hockey is certainly no exception to that trend. When thinking of sports greats to make a film about, a deleted user commented “Gordie Howe…Dude came from nowhere Canada to become one of the greatest and most respected players ever”.,Gordie Howe’s rags-to-riches story isn’t special in the world of sports, but it was the level of success that he achieved that made him great. Not only did he dominate the NHL for decades, but he did so while maintaining the respect of his contemporaries and fans alike. Hockey is full underdog stories, and the best films about the sport often feature an element of overcoming insurmountable odds. Amongst those themes, Howe’s life story would fit right in.,The world of professional wrestling is a fascinating mixture of athletics and showmanship, and stories from that realm are always interesting. A deleted user was succinct with what they wanted, writing “Andre the Giant biopic. You’d have to cast someone with talent and physique, which is impossible for Andre”.,RELATED: The 10 Best Sports Movies Of All Time, According To The AFI,The wrestler-turned-actor was an international sensation in films like The Princess Bride, and he was a household name in wrestling circles. Outside of his storied career, Andre the man dealt with his own personal issues and struggled living life as a person who was too large for the world around him. Though it would break the legendary image of The Giant, an Andre film would do justice to the man behind the myth.,Biopics don’t always have to glorify their subject, and some sports figures have two sides to their life story. User Goodfella6 mentioned one such complicated figure when they said “Mike Tyson…This man had such a massive rising up and a massive falling down which I think would be interesting to see put on screen”.,Some of the best sports films have been about boxing, and there is no denying that Tyson is an important figure in the sport’s history. Almost in equal measure, Tyson’s tremendous success in the ring was met by controversy outside of it, and for storytelling purposes it is fascinating. However, when it comes to problematic personalities, it is important not to be too kind to their legacy.,HBO’s Winning Time has shown that sports dynasties are some of the most interesting parts of athletic history, and every sport has them. A deleted user wanted to see a movie about a notable sports dynasty, saying “(Tom) Brady…would be great to see. I went from hating the Pats to begrudgingly respecting them for their place in history”.,RELATED: The 10 Best Football Movies According To IMDb,The New England Patriots’ two decade reign of terror in the NFL was shrouded in several notable controversies, and the quarterback Tom Brady was at the eye of that storm every time. Brady’s unique approach to the game has kept him in it well beyond the lifespan of a normal player, and his interesting take on life would make for movie magic, even if some sports fans still hold a grudge.,The sport of NASCAR is mostly known for its tremendous popularity in the Southeastern portion of the U.S. However, user KTrain2787 specifically mentioned a NASCAR legend when they wrote “I personally hope years down the road a respected film producer/director makes an accurate life story movie of Dale Earnhardt”.,Known as “The Intimidator”, Earnhardt’s lengthy career in racing gained him a divided reputation. However, his unfortunate death in 2001 secured his place in the hearts of racing fans worldwide. As a story, Earnhardt’s rise from unbelievable poverty is classic Hollywood, and the tragic nature of his death was cinematic in its own right.,There are only a few athletes who rise to such levels of success that their name is synonymous with the sport that made them famous. User D_J_Ileum wrote of such an athlete when they commented “MJ (Michael Jordan) had a very interesting life that could possibly be turned into a film”.,Elevating the sport of basketball to unprecedented heights, Michael Jordan gained a reputation as fierce competitor. Backing up his work ethic with tremendous championship success, Jordan was not always the most liked person in the sports world. A film would have an opportunity to explore the character of Jordan without the gossip of documentary series like The Last Dance.,NEXT: 10 Musicians Who Deserve Biopics, According To Reddit